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Sommer Custom Homes is not only a builder; we are an expert consultant throughout the entire design and build process. We have extensive knowledge of construction methods, design elements, and the creativity and drive that inspires the entire team to get the results our clients desire.

Building your own home can be an inspirational journey that stirs your soul and warms your heart. At Sommer Custom Homes, we provide you with the ultimate building experience and have the knowledge and passion to accomplish all of your goals. Our creativity, energy, and relationships throughout the industry give us the ability to handle all of the details while you get to enjoy the fun and rewarding part.

Our 29-year history of building custom homes around the valley has given us the insight and experience to guide you throughout all aspects of the process.

We first listen to your needs and desires and help determine the most effective and efficient ways to proceed. We can assemble the entire team of architects, engineering consultants, interior designers, landscape designers, etc. or can interview each of them with you to help you determine the best fit to reach your personal goals. We can make recommendations based on our past experience with these team members on who would be best suited to achieve your goals from a design, budget, and time standpoint.

Who better to help you with these decisions than 29-year seasoned professionals who will be there the entire way and even after the home is completed? A well-chosen team can add the multiplier effect of design energy and greatly enhance the design and build experience and the finished product result. A well-chosen team can also keep you within your budget and ensure that you meet your personal functional and design goals.

We actually build your home several times before any dirt is ever moved on your lot. We have an extensive knowledge of how things are assembled and how they will relate to one another after all of the pieces are put together. We can use this knowledge to maximize views from your lot, create a functional and efficient floor plan design, capitalize on solar aspects of temperature and light, integrate beautiful design elements, and constantly value engineer the process to fit within your budget.

We can also help you find the right lot to build on by analyzing a potential site, or even one you already own, to get the most impact from the land. Views, soil conditions, solar orientation, driveway and garage positioning, usable outdoor living spaces and courtyards are just a few of the elements that will be considered during site analysis.

At Sommer Custom Homes, we have 29 years experience driving the team for one purpose: your complete satisfaction! We believe in the team approach from the very beginning and have great success in insuring that your goals are met on time and within budget. Sommer Custom Homes should be there from the very first day of lot selection, or at the earliest possible time, and will be the last one there taking care of you and your home long after the construction process is completed. Most of our clients have become family to us and we wouldn’t have had these relationships without dedication, honesty, and the ability to exceed your expectations. Thank you for considering Sommer Custom Homes!